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Bhai Dooj, festival for brother and sister. Mostly celebrated in India and Nepal after the Diwali hangover. Today is 2016 Bhai Dooj festival, and we have selected some Best Bhai Dooj WhatsApp Messages for you to share with your friends and family.

Bhai Dooj WhatsApp Messages In English & Wishes

Down below we have collected some of the Best Bhaiya Dooj WhatsApp Messages in English which you can share with your friends via WhatsApp, you can also use these messages as a Bhai Dooj WhatsApp Messages and Wishes.

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We may be far from each other, but you are always in heart. On the occasion of Bhaidooj, cherishing the fond memories we spent together. Happy Bhaidooj!
I love to tease you by calling different names.
I love to tease you. Oh!
how much I’ll miss those petty fights
we have after you are gone to your sasural.
I will always love you Sis.
Your charming smile make my days.
With your caring ways you become my second mother.
Darling Sister, what may come I will always stand by you.
It leaves a smile on my face when I think of those
trifling fights we had and suddenly used to make up.
The memories may fade away with passing time
but the love we share will only grow.
Happy Bhaidooj, Dear Sister.
Before I utter anything, you understand.
You have been my friend to whom I can share all my secrets.
I love you, my darling sister.
Happy Bhai Dooj
We laugh and cry, we play and fight.
We shared moments of happiness and sorrows,
which made our bond stronger.
Happy Bhaidooj to you Sis.
I only pray to the Almighty that be it
day or night you stay by side.
I feel proud to have a brother like you.
Happy Bhaidooj.
I feel so blessed and treasured to have a brother like you in my life.
You like an Angel are always there when I need you.
Thanks Brother and have a happy Bhaidooj.
You never say no, you never say thats impossible
and you never say you can’t.
That’s my bro, a superman who make things
possible and who make paths smoother.
I love you Bro.
Happy Bhai Dooj
“I sought my soul, but my soul; I could not see.
I sought God, but my God eluded me.
I sought my brother I could found all three.
Happy Bhaidooj.

Bhai Dooj WhatsApp Messages In Hindi & Wishes


Bahan Chahey Bhai Ka Pyar,
Nahi Chahe Mahnge Uphar,
Rishta Atoot Rahey Sadiyon Tak,
Mile Mere Bhai Ko Khushiyan Apar
Happy Bhaiya Dooj
Sabhi Bhai Behno Ko Bhaiya Dooj Ke Is Pawan Parv Ki Hardin Badhaiyan
Bhai Dooj Wishes
Yeh Tyohar Hai Kuch Khaas,
Bani Rahey Hamare Pyar Ki Yahi Mithas,
Happy Bhaidooj
Behan chahey bhai ka pyar, Nahi chahe mahnge uphar, Rishta atoot rahey sadiyon tak, Mile mere bhai ko khushiyaan apar. Happy Bhaiya Dooj!
Yeh tyohar hai kuch khaas, Bani rahey hamare pyar ki yahi mithas, Happy Bhai Dooj!
Behen pohonchi bhai ke dwaar, Bhai ke liye prem appaar, Bhai dooj ka hai avsar, Bhai ki behna hai uska sansaar
Bhain lagati tilak, Phir mithai hai khilati bhai deta paise or bhain hai muskurati bhai bhain ka yeh rishta na pade kabhi lose meri pyari bhaina mubarak ho aapko bhai dooj. Happy Bhaiya Dooj!

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